Bruxism Guard

If you clench or grind your teeth (commonly referred as bruxism) we can fabricate a custom mouth guard/ bite plate to protect your teeth. As you clench or grind you are put extreme pressure on your teeth, which can cause cracks or breaks in teeth or restorations, or worn done teeth. The custom guard corrects your bite and protects your teeth from possible damage.

Sports Mouth Guard

Performance Improving Mouth Guards from Under Armour

Under Armour® has teamed up with Bite Tech®, the leading company in drug-free human power performance research to launch a performance enhancing mouthguard called Armourbite®. What does all that mean? It means scientists, doctors and dentists have developed a mouth guard that repositions your jaw slightly during exercise and clinching (when you are exerting yourself).

Repositioning of your jaw relieves your natural fight-or-flight clenching or in simple terms allows your jaw muscles to relax while you are competing. Most people don’t realize your jaw joint or TMJ is one of the strongest muscles in your body and when clenching during sports or exercise it produces hormones that lead to stress, fatigue and distraction. Not what you want your body to be producing when you’re trying to be your best. Right?

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