We want you to never fear going to the dentist again. With Oral Conscious Sedation, there are no needles, tubes or IVs involved, you just simply take a special pill.

While under oral conscious sedation, all of your body functions remain normal and you are able to breathe on your own and respond.

We constantly monitor your vital signs and comfort level during and after the procedure.

Oral Conscious Sedation is an excellent solution for patients who have ……

• High anxiety about dentistry
• Traumatic dental experiences in the past
• Difficulty getting numb
• A strong gag reflex
• Complex dental problems or procedures
• Very sensitive teeth
• Anxiety over needles, noises, or smells in dental office
• No desire for multiple visits

We also offer Nitrous Oxide gas, which assist some patients with relaxing in the dental chair. Nitrous oxide is a colorless, non-irritating gas that is mixed with Oxygen, it is also sometimes called laughing gas. After breathing it in for 2-3 minutes patients should feel a pleasurable feeling through out their body. Benefits of Nitrous is that it works very quickly, the depths of the relaxation affects from Nitrous can be altered from moment to moment and the affects are easily flushed out of the system with oxygen. After receiving Nitrous you can drive and resume your normal daily activities.

Most of our patients find they do not require any sedation because of our painless to near painless distraction style anesthesia. There are many ways to distract the patient so they do not feel any discomfort especially when receiving numbing medicine.

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